Benefits of Floatation Therapy

You might have heard a lot of a spars providing floatation therapy in Perth. But most of us are unaware of what it means. Anyhow before we get into floatation therapy we know that all kinds of therapies are beneficial for our physical and mental health which is why I recommend that you treat yourself once a month with some amazing therapy to feel relaxed.

Instead of defining what floatation therapy means let me create a picture for you. Imagine yourself sitting in a bathtub filled with Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate. No much chemistry is a sentence for you. Well known imagine that the bathtub is placed in a quiet room that has low dim lights and the temperature is adjusted according to your body temperature. Wouldn’t you feel like floating like thin air? Well this is the experience that you would get once you get your hands on floatation therapy.

The term floatation therapy says it all. The name makes it clear that it is an experience that would allow you to float not in the mind air but in water. So let us look at some of the benefits that you can get from floatation therapy and how it can help your body.

1.      Absorption of minerals

Most of us have low salts in our body which can cause certain problems. Floatation therapy comes with a mixture of magnesium salts that your body absorbs during the therapeutic process and increase the level of magnesium and sulfate in your body.

2.      Reduce stress

When you sit in the water tank and move into a relaxation state, you would notice that the blood flows through your body much faster. This helps you reduce stress and the tension state that releases the Endorphins levels in your blood which is a chemical that triggers positive feelings and reduces pain.

3.      Pregnancy pressure

Floatation therapy can be quite useful for pregnant women as well. It relieves the pressure from the feet to the head and back and forth. This helps reduce the weight that you carry because of the pregnancy. The relaxed state also helps the women connect with their babies in a symbiotic manner which is quite an experience.

4.      Help with medical conditions

According to certain people floatation therapy also helps in certain medical conditions such as the migraines. Going for therapy can help reduce the migraines and also help with other medical conditions like digestions, arthritis, muscle strains and etc.