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The Do’s & Don’ts Of Your Hair Washing Routine

Are you guilty of the following faux pas when it comes to washing your hair? Ensure you´re giving your hair the best treatment, with some important hair-washing tips straight from the experienced Envy Room hairdressers in North Shore.

Do Detangle Your Hair Before Washing

Getting rid of those tangled strands while your hair is still dry will lessen the work you’ll have to do later. Your hair is also more fragile and likely to break when you detangle it while it’s wet.

Do Start with Warm and End with Cold

Rinsing your hair thoroughly with warm water before and during your wash is going to open the pores on your scalp to ensure maximum cleansing. However, make sure to end your washing routine with a cold water rinse to lock in moisture and achieve a silky look.

Do Wash Your Hair Upside Down

This one might have you asking questions, but trust us on this. Flipping your hair over while washing it will allow the product to be applied more evenly. Not only does that result in a better cleanse, but it also alleviates the pressure of the water from the showerhead on your hair, which can lead to flat, volumeless hair.

hairdresser North Shore

Don’t Wash With Scalding Hot Water

In the winter months, it can be easy to have the hot water turned up to the maximum, but this can be damaging to your hair and scalp. Hot water can rob your hair of moisture, burn your scalp and lead to frizzy hair.

Don’t Forget To Use Hair Masks

Hair masks should be seen as an essential part of your hair care routine. Using a mask twice a week will create stronger and more vibrant hair. Don’t have time to apply a hair mask during your busy week? Use the Eleven 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out treatment for your on-the-go mornings.

Don’t Be Too Rough While Drying Your Hair

While towel drying your hair, be gentle. Try squeezing out most of the excess water while still in the shower, and then scrunch your hair gently in the towel to avoid breakage.

To take your hair care routine to the next level, our North Shore hairdresser will gladly assist you in elevating your next hair wash by picking out our top choices in professional shampoos, conditioners and hair masks. Contact us today for more info or feel free to visit our salon in Gordon at any time.