Salon Towels

How To Prevent The Spread Of Bacteria When Using Salon Towels

As a salon owner, you know just how important it is to prevent the spread of bacteria from client to client. And one of the easiest ways bacteria can be spread is through salon towels. The soft fibres of these towels provide the perfect surface for bacteria to cling to.

Keep reading to learn a few ways to prevent the spread of bacteria. At the end, we’ll also tell you about an innovative solution that basically eliminates the risk of spreading bacteria completely.

Towels Must Only Be Used Once Before Being Washed Again

When you use a towel on a client, that towel should be thrown in the washing basket immediately after. Even if the towel looks clean, using it on a second client does not meet health and safety standards, and you run the risk of spreading dreaded bacteria.

Hot Wash

Hot washes are better for killing germs and diseases, so make sure you choose the hot wash option when washing your salon towels. You may also want to use a bacteria-killing detergent.

Use A Dryer

Don’t let your towels air dry. It is essential that you use a dryer and only remove towels from the dryer when they are completely dry.

Keep Your Salon Clean

By ensuring that the rest of your salon is clean and you are always disinfecting surfaces, you help reduce the risk of bacteria being spread by towels or other items. It is very important to maintain a hygienic environment at all times.

Salon Towels

The Ultimate Solution: Disposable Salon Towels

Forget about washing, drying and bleaching (and the expenses that go along with them). Disposable salon towels are single-use items that are just as absorbent as traditional towels. The main difference is that because they are only used once and for just one client, it is impossible to spread bacteria.

These eco-friendly towels are also biodegradable, meaning that their effect on the environment is far less than traditional towels that require an immense amount of resources for washing and drying. Make the change today to prevent the spread of bacteria and reduce your carbon footprint!

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