Loving Your Body Image

body image issues

Your body image is the way you think, feel and perceive it. According to studies, only one in six women is fully satisfied with their body shape and size. Having distorted body image issues always leads to destructive behaviors like binge eating and dieting and in Australia at least 10 out of 11 women have dieted in their lives.

Poor body images may lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and the urge to opting for various ways to feeling good about oneself like unusual dieting methods. Others choose for more drastic methods of weight loss like laxatives and smoking and excessive fasting to help them gain body changes and feel happy. It’s believed that moderate dieting always increases the risk of women developing an addictive eating disorder. When a woman seems self-conscience about her body image and appearance, she ends up developing different ways to enable her to look good.

However, there are times when she avoids exercising or even participating in social events since she is afraid of exposing her body image and shape to the world. Alternatively, other women opt over applying in the bid to quickly lose weight and other uses other means of dieting or avoid eating to get a ‘better body’. Some studies say that the body image of the young woman is the most influential part of her life self-esteem including the ability to prosper in education and life. The Body image issues of most women usually lead to losing self-confidence hence impacting other life areas.

Causes of Body Dissatisfaction

Factors that lead to negative body image in women include:

  • Being teased of being fat or about their appearance during childhood
  • Growing up with people who love dieting or with the unhappy attitude of their body shape and may lead to body dissatisfaction
  • Following the cultural tendency of being judged by their appearance by other people
  • Peer pressure from friends on needs to slim down, go on diets and comparing their body shape with celebrities and other people.
  • The advertising and media images of promoting thinness
  • The tendency of media and professional women to push for fad diets and other weight loss programs
  • Various campaigns that advice people on losing weight.

Ways of women to Improve Body Image

Negative body image may change the life of women but there are ways of improving the body image, and they include

  •    Talk to others about your body fears and experiences
  •    Treat your body with love and respect regardless of the shape
  •    Enjoy healthy food and rest